• Cafe Restaurant Vroulidia

    At the beach of Siphnos with the same name

Cafe Restaurant "Vroulidia"

In Vroulidia, on a turquoise beach with sand and pebbles and a beautiful wild landscape, there is a small area with food, coffee, swimming and entertainment. Literally on the waves, it is ideal for those who love the sea and its flavors and are looking to discover beautiful hidden corners.

Traditional recipes

Try the Sifnaiko Mastelo, the traditional Sifnaiki revithada (chick pea soup) that is cooked in traditional Sifnaikan pottery, and slowly cooked in the traditional wood oven of the restaurant.

Peaceful holidays

On a wild and beautiful beach and with a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea you can enjoy your coffee on our loungers and get rid of the stress of everyday life by refilling your batteries with peace and relaxation.

The old pottery workshop

Right by the restaurant, by renovating the old pottery workshop of the family and following in the footsteps of the traditional pottery of Siphnos, we have created a space with handmade decorative & useful pottery that you can buy to remember our island with the fondest memories

We are waiting for you and hope you enjoy your vacation
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